A Little About Babbu

We at Babbu are driven by the love of little things – especially the little ones that calls us “Mommy”

Babbu is a small business based in the East of Pretoria owned by Desiré Nel. We design and create a range of unique baby products made with the finest collection of ribbons and 100 % cotton, and lovingly designed and created by an all-woman team. We pride ourselves in that each product is hand made with love, care and attention to detail.

Oh, and just a little bit about me.

I’m a mom; well that’s how I define myself at the moment.
Not too long ago I defined myself as only me, myself and I..
But now I’m a proud Mom and a fine Wife they say 🙂
And maybe someday, I will get the title of “Great Mom” – well that’s the goal anyway….


And this is how “Babbu” was born – me becoming a mother! And loving every moment of it…