Dropnot Baby Straps (Blue)


Dropnot straps provide a safe and effective way to not only hold your baby safe but also keep all babies’ stuff close at hand. No more loosing of anything!

1 x Baby “security” strap

This is a “basic security strap” and the longest strap – attach the one side to either baby/toddlers wrist or ankle and the other side of your own wrist when you are out and about. It will provide that extra peace of mind should someone try to pick your child up out of the pram or shopping trolley. Long enough to still give you lenience to shop with your children are safe and close by.

It has 3 settings on each side.

3 x Dropnot straps

This consists of 3 straps.

Start with the longest strap. You’ll notice that the press studs on one side are more widely spaced. This is the side you can attach your high chair, pram, car seat, trolley or any other fixed object. Attach the other side of the strap to the toy, teething ring or dummy.

Use the 2 shorter straps to attach extra toys etc.


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